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Nikola Telsa Unite Ltd (NTU) was created to keep Nikola Tesla’s legacy moving forward.

Empowering all communities everywhere in the world to create the opportunities of a better way of life.

Nikola Tesla Unite has been authorized by the Nikola Tesla Foundation International, the foundation that manages the rights and patients of Nikola Tesla’s legacy, to use his name and oversee opportunities that are presented.

NTU has a vision using the technology that is available today, to educate the world youth to allow them to thrive.

Nikola Tesla’s achievement was “understanding the invisible”. Decentralized technology systems and other FinTech advances have enabled a new world of value exchange that is driven by abilities and ideas that bypass territories and bureaucracies. Technology continues to globalize our communities and remove restrictions in freedom of creation. The latest developments surrounding these new capabilities include the use of decentralized systems to help record exchanges of value resulting in a rapid pace of development in many areas of society. NTU is dedicated to advancing this state of technology and pushing it forward through innovative applications that leverage a unique position.

Our goal is to facilitate fundamental change in societal interactions while having a significant impact on many of the ways our World functions.
NTU will expand and enhance global economic access using decentralized methodologies and practices. Expansion and enhancement of economic access will be achieved by applying the principles to the unification of value transactions within a dedicated ecosystem.