Education and Evangelization

Education plays a crucial role in developing the creative thinking ability of young people and providing all the necessary skills and knowledge that are required to shape a competitive and productive individual. Generally, education helps young people to prepare themselves for challenges that they are going to during adulthood.
The educational crisis among youth has been provoked by several sub- crises like low enrolment rate in primary and secondary education, poor education quality, issues of gender imparity that are related to educational access and cases of neglected informal education programs over formal education. Impact of these sub-crises on the youth includes unemployment, underemployment, health issues, low growth in nation’s economy and they are barriers in promoting women’s rights, self-expression and civic engagement.

Digital Money Circle of Value

As the foundation for the ecosystem, Nikola Tesla Unite is building the Digital Money Circle of Value, detailed under the framework of Cryptocurrency Deployment Fundamentals.
This provides the Quintessential Elements of a Viable Digital Currency, a clear path to achieving our mission.
Circle of Value

Evaluating Cryptocurrency